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Posted: 06-Jun-2017 | Category: General

Just Jane

Finally got to do my birthday treat of a taxy ride in Just Jane - the Lancaster based in East Kirkby - wonderful!

Posted: 31-May-2017 | Category: Photography

Night Photo Experiments

Experimented with hand held night shots whilst in Japan - using 1600 ISO and above which works well on the new D7200

Sapporo I've no idea! Proud Motorcyclist! The bike had LED lights that cycled through colours Tokyo - Shimbashi Area

Posted: 21-Mar-2017 | Category: Travel

Coast Trip - Cornwall 2017

Some photos from the latest leg of our coast trip....

Posted: 03-Mar-2017 | Category: Travel

Iceland - Nothern Lights

A couple of fabulous evenings watching the Northern Lights - here are a few shots....

Posted: 03-Mar-2017 | Category: Toft Photo Group

Toft Photo Group - Drips and Drops

A fun evening playing with "drips" and "drops"

Gold paint droped on water Acrylic painst dripped into a clear tank of water Drip just hit the surface Catching a drip!

Posted: 21-Jan-2017 | Category: Toft Photo Group

Film Noir Photo Evening

A great night at Toft Photo Group trying Film Noir portraiture.

Posted: 28-Oct-2016 | Category: Toft Photo Group

Toft Photo Group Evening

We took some night shots - this time using shorter exposures (30 seconds). Here is one of the results:

Posted: 23-Oct-2016 | Category: Travel

Cornwall - Coast Trip

The next leg of the coast trip - South Cornwall.

Newlyn Harbour on a calm day

Posted: 14-Sep-2016 | Category: Travel

Around Grantham

Spent a few days around the Grantham / Newark area....

Rover (P4) 100 seen at Belton House Belton House Deer in the grounds of Belton House Deer in the grounds of Belton House Shackleton at Newark Air Museum Hasting at Newark Air Museum A wonderful EE Lightning at Newark Air Museum Newark Castle, overlooking the Trent

Posted: 19-Aug-2016 | Category: Toft Photo Group

Wimpole Hall

The latest TPG trip out - an evening at Wimpole Hall. The light wasn't great, so getting some good shots was hard!