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Posted: 28-Mar-2015 | Category: New Zealand 2015

To Hamilton

Headed to Hamilton via the heavily polluted Lake Waikare, for the Balloons Over Waitago festival, but weather mostly stopped play.... Did attend the strange Night Glow event!

The polluted Lake Waikare Bridal Veil Falls Bridal Veil Falls The Night Glow The Night Glow The Night Glow

Posted: 27-Mar-2015 | Category: New Zealand 2015

North Coromandel Peninsular

Headed to the very North of the Peninsular - to Fletchers Bay.

Fletcher Bay Fletcher Bay View over Coromandel Town

Posted: 26-Mar-2015 | Category: New Zealand 2015

Exploring the Coromandel Penisular

Spent the day exploring the penisular - including the magnificent Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove Cathedral Cove Stingray Cove Shelly Beach

Posted: 25-Mar-2015 | Category: New Zealand 2015 View full gallery

The Beach Hop Warmup

On the road to Coromandel, happened to bump into the Beach Hop Warmup in Waihi - a celebration of all things 50's including cars and music! Great atmosphere!

My favourite - a real beauty!

Posted: 25-Mar-2015 | Category: New Zealand 2015

Hot Water Beach

The bizarre experience of 100+ people all digging into the sand in search of hot water springs that mix with the sea water - with crashing waves, it made for interesting viewing!

Posted: 24-Mar-2015 | Category: New Zealand 2015

More evening shots!

Another nice day around Tauranga - some more lovely evening shots today.

Posted: 23-Mar-2015 | Category: New Zealand 2015

A day around Tauranga

Awoke to heavy rain but eventually dried out, so went for a walk around Mount Maunganui.

Eagle Ray found on the beach near our accommodation Carol and the Eagle Ray!

Posted: 22-Mar-2015 | Category: New Zealand 2015

To Tauranga

90kms on gravel road to start the day! Then on to Tauranga via Whatakane (Ohope)

Swamp Harrier Ohope Beach View from our accommodation!

Posted: 21-Mar-2015 | Category: New Zealand 2015

Lake Waikaremoana

Enjoyable day in the remote region of Lake Waikaremoana

Papakorito Falls Aniwanlwa Falls Star trails from our accommodation

Posted: 20-Mar-2015 | Category: New Zealand 2015

On the road to Lake Waikaremoana

Long drive today - 450 kms..... Via the unpleasantly touristy town of Lake Taupo.

Harrods Store, Just outside Ohakune! Huka Falls