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Posted: 29-Nov-2020 | Category: Photography

This week's challenge - still life

Once again my week meant I had no time to take any shots, so raided the back catalogue and did some photoshop work...

Multi-glow Vulcan

Posted: 22-Nov-2020 | Category: Photography

Horizon Challenge

This week's challenge - Horizon

Posted: 14-Nov-2020 | Category: Photography

Water Challenge

Set a "Water" themed challenge this week, but no time to get out and take photos, so have raided the archive.....

Posted: 07-Mar-2019 | Category: Photography

Water play

Fun at CCC last night playing with water and remote flash.

Posted: 13-Dec-2018 | Category: Photography

Kew Garden Christmas Lights

An enjoyable evening at Kew Garden Christmas Light Show

Amazing show projected fountain

Posted: 05-Dec-2018 | Category: Photography

Playing with light

Great evening at Cambridge Camera Club tonight playing with varous lighting effects, from using polarised light / filter to capturing patterns in bubbles and on CDs.

Polarised light through polarised filter Polarised light through polarised filter Water drops on CD illuminated by torch Showing water distortions

Posted: 07-Nov-2018 | Category: Photography

Night light

Another splendid evening playing with light trails at CCC.

Air drawing!

Posted: 20-Apr-2018 | Category: Photography

Moon Shot

Playing around with hand held moon shots tonight - high ISO so fairly grainy, but happy with the result.

Posted: 16-Feb-2018 | Category: Photography

More Cambridge Nights

We ran a session for Toft Photo Group doing night shots - longish (30 second) exposures - all the shots were taken in the dark!

Kings College in the dark Lots of headlights I particularly like the reflected red from the car brake lights Notice the blurred reflection - lots of water movement! Ghostly self-portrait!

Posted: 11-Feb-2018 | Category: Photography

Cambridge Light Event

Visited the Light Event in Cambridge tonight - it's on until the 14th!