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Posted: 30-Nov-2017 | Category: Travel

A day out in Norfolk

Extremes of weather

Wells Harbour Sun shining through the clouds at Blakeney Curlew at Wells

Posted: 14-Jul-2017 | Category: Travel

The Cotswolds

Spent a pleasant morning in Malmesbury - a nice unspoilt Cotswold town, and then passed Kemble Airfield - where old aircraft come to die....

Wooden post with a Hmmm.... Kemble - Aircraft breakers - where airliners come to die

Posted: 17-Jun-2017 | Category: Travel

Suffolk Weekend

Nice weekend in Suffolk - lots of wild flowers in bloom and walked along the "coast" at Offord.

Offord On site with the Camper

Posted: 21-Mar-2017 | Category: Travel

Coast Trip - Cornwall 2017

Some photos from the latest leg of our coast trip....

Posted: 03-Mar-2017 | Category: Travel

Iceland - Nothern Lights

A couple of fabulous evenings watching the Northern Lights - here are a few shots....

Posted: 23-Oct-2016 | Category: Travel

Cornwall - Coast Trip

The next leg of the coast trip - South Cornwall.

Newlyn Harbour on a calm day

Posted: 14-Sep-2016 | Category: Travel

Around Grantham

Spent a few days around the Grantham / Newark area....

Rover (P4) 100 seen at Belton House Belton House Deer in the grounds of Belton House Deer in the grounds of Belton House Shackleton at Newark Air Museum Hasting at Newark Air Museum A wonderful EE Lightning at Newark Air Museum Newark Castle, overlooking the Trent

Posted: 22-Jun-2016 | Category: Travel

Alaska critters

Some of the wild life from Alaska

Two young Bald Eagles Young Bald Eagle Bald Eagle Moose! The Salmon had just started jumping Mother and cub Mother and cub on the move Young male and female Mew Gull Young male in the jacuzzi! Adult male Yearling cub There goes mum Followed by 3 yearling cubs Young male and female playing Young male and female playing Young male and female playing

Posted: 14-Jun-2016 | Category: Travel

Alaska Update

Some more of Alaska - some may be a bit obscure, but captions explain....

Beaver Out in the wilds.... Water Lily Worthington Glacier Bald Eagle Young Bald Eagle Another Young Bald Eagle Light Coloured Wolf Grizzly! Old Cars - They litter the countryside Raven Magaret Glacier

Posted: 05-Jun-2016 | Category: Travel


A taste of Alaska!

Float planes and scenery - that's Alaska Moose and Calf - Denali National Park The Denali Highway - fire and mountains The Denali Highway - the middle of nowhere! Caribou - Denali National Park Wilderness........ Grizzly Bear! Young Grizzly! Dall Sheep Denali National Park - at 11:30 at night! Caribou - serious antlers!