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Posted: 03-Aug-2017

Seat Leon Cupra R

A great fun car - handled a treat, went like a bomb - and yellow! What more could you ask....

Posted: 26-Nov-2016

VW Transporter T4

Works Van to Camper Van conversion

Posted: 21-Dec-2014

Dutton Phaeton

First kit car I built in the 1970's. Ford crossflow 1600 engine and transmission - fun but leaked like a sieve!

These photos date from about 1980

Rear view - note the quarter turn Dzus clips that kept the boot shut - no locks!

In fact no locks to be seen anywhere!

Posted: 26-Nov-2014

TVR Vixen S2

Bought this in 1977 - loved it but cost a fortune to keep running. Had a Lotus Twin Cam engine in it for a while, but it kept smashing back axles!

Please excuse the quality of the photos - in those days textured prints were all the rage.

Posted: 15-Nov-2014

Honda S2000

The marvellous Honda S2000!