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Posted: 28-Mar-2021 | Category: Photography

Photo Challenge - Boundary

It goes without saying - these are mostly archive photos.....

Model Railway Scene Near Settle Misty River Cam Toft Fields

Posted: 14-Mar-2021 | Category: Photography

Photo Challenge - Movement

All from the archive this time.....

Posted: 01-Mar-2021 | Category: Nature

Spring on its way

Very noisy frogs!

Posted: 27-Feb-2021 | Category: Photography

Photo Challenge - Abandoned

The photo challenge this time was "Abandoned" - it's amazing how little there was to find... So one from the archive and 5 that are nearest I could get....

Strange place to leave your boots Not my Percy Pigs! Alaskan Pickup Truck

Posted: 12-Feb-2021 | Category: Photography

Photo Challege

The latest photo challenge was "Black and White" - some new, some archive shots....

Cambridge Door

Posted: 06-Feb-2021 | Category: General

The sky at mid-afternoon!

Amazing what you see in the sky in the afternoon on a walk around Toft

Low flying Chinook - heard it from miles away! Afternoon Moon

Posted: 29-Jan-2021 | Category: Photography

Photo Challenge - Reflections

Latest photo challenge - reflections! A couple of these are photoshop reflections - can you spot which ones.

Anglesey Abbey Night Light Show Golden Palave, Kyoto Chinese Bridge, Godmanchster Anglesey Abbey Night Light Show

Posted: 21-Jan-2021 | Category: Astronomy

The Moon

Experiments with shooting the moon

11 day old moon

Posted: 17-Jan-2021 | Category: Photography

Photo Challenge - Parallel

The latest challenge is "Parallel" - harder than it sounds.....

Posted: 14-Jan-2021 | Category: General

A very wet Toft

Yesterdays rain has closed the road out of Toft towards Bourn, and Brookside flooded. The wettest winter we've had for a while.

Road to Bourn Coming into Toft Bourn Brook Brookside