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Posted: 20-Aug-2020 | Category: Nature

Paxton Pits

The wonderful Paxton Pits

Posted: 18-Aug-2020 | Category: Nature

Walk to Hardwick Wood

A pleasant walk to Hardwick Wood, via Toft Wood, in the sunshine

Autumn already? The Walkers

Posted: 08-Aug-2020 | Category: Travel

West Country Trip

Had a nice week in the West Country - a few days in Devon catching up with friends and then on to Longleat.

Fuelled by Caffeine! Bradford on Avon Bradford on Avon Bradford on Avon Bradford on Avon Frome Frome Woods at Longleat Woods at Longleat Woods at Longleat Typically English Countryside Woods at Longleat Typically English Longleat House

Posted: 10-Jul-2020 | Category: Travel


It was great to spend some days in North Norfolk and experience "normal" life again!

Burnham Deepdale Site Sea Lavender blooming Wreck at Blakeney

Posted: 13-Jun-2020 | Category: General

Spanish Giants

Spanish Giants in Toft!

Posted: 28-May-2020 | Category: Aviation

Spitfire over Toft

Spitfire flies over Toft on the last Thank You Thursday.

Posted: 22-Mar-2020 | Category: Travel


A great week in Northumberland.....

Seahouses Lindisfarne Priory and Castle Inside Lindisfarne Castle Lindisfarne Castle Lindisfarne Causeway at High Tide! Warkworth Castle Warkworth Castle Warkworth Warkworth Amble Harbour Amble Harbour Berwick Berwick Berwick

Posted: 26-Sep-2019 | Category: Ireland 2019


Galway City

A wet Galway City Oysters for lunch Swimming in the sea! The Swimming Club

Posted: 25-Sep-2019 | Category: Ireland 2019

Around Clifden

Visited a wet Clifden, then down to the Derrygimla Bog - site of one of Marconi transmitter and the place where Alcock and Brown landed in 1919. Then overnight at Glinsce Pier.

Remnants of Marconi Station Alcock and Brown Memorial Remnants of Marconi Station View of Alcok and Brown Monument over the bog! Glinsce Pier Moody Sky over Glinsce Pier

Posted: 24-Sep-2019 | Category: Ireland 2019

Down to Clifden

Spent the night overlooking the Killary fjord - lovely, then back on the coast down to Clifden.

Killary Fjord Doolough Valley Aasleigh Falls The Sky Road, Clifden