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Posted: 23-Sep-2018 | Category: Australia 2018

Monkey Mia

Visited Monkey Mia for the "Dolphin Experience" - very bizarre and felt wrong! Then a sunset cruise....

The pelicans follow the dolphins hoping for scraps... Some crowd! Close to dolphin The bizarre feeding event Monkey Mia Resort These apparently nest under the catamarran we were on Shark Bay sunset

Posted: 22-Sep-2018 | Category: Australia 2018


Round to Shark Bay - staying at Denham

Shell Beach The shells making up the beach Australian Wild flowers Denham fisherman

Posted: 21-Sep-2018 | Category: Australia 2018

Back south

Long drive today - heading back south to get to Shark Bay - stopped overnight in Carnarvon. Just north of Carnarvon, visited the amazing blowholes, where sea gets pushed up through holes in the rocks causing huge plumes.

Train - over 2 kilometres long leaving Tom Price Road train - they are fun to overtake.... Coast north of Carnarvon Blow hole in action! It is sea water, although it looks volcanic! Some sort of crab!

Posted: 20-Sep-2018 | Category: Australia 2018

Inside Karijini National park

Headed to the west of the park to visit Hancock and Weanu gorges - stunning!

Dales Camp Ground - and the van! Termite mounds everywhere Overlooking the gorges At the bottom on Weanu Gorge - you have to wade through this bit to get to the next place! Amazing red dragonflies, everywhere

Posted: 19-Sep-2018 | Category: Australia 2018

Cheela Plans & Karijini

Did a 4x4 tour around the Cheela Plains station - expensive but interesting to see. Then onto the Karijini National Park - stayed the night at the east end in Dales Camp - in the middle of absolutely nowehere!

Cave used by prehistoric Aborigines, now used by Mud Swallows! Ancient rock tools Some parrots! Water hole on the station Last of the river water until the Classic outback shot - windmill for effect only, all now pumped by diesel! Where did I park my truck? Karijini - Joffre Falls Pond at the bottom of Joffre Falls Inside Joffre Canyon Amazing colours as the sun sets It was dark in the campsite, so got a few star shots

Posted: 18-Sep-2018 | Category: Australia 2018

Toward Karijini

Long drive today - heading north towards Karijini National Park. Stopped for the night at Cheela Plains Station - a half million acre cattle ranch.....

Flying Doctor Landing Strip - the road! View over Cheela Plains - you can just see the van... Native iguana around the campsite - about 1.5 metres long

Posted: 17-Sep-2018 | Category: Australia 2018

Last day in Exmouth

More exploring and out on a glass bottomed boat over the coral - (no decent photos I'm afraid).

More amazing wild flowers Just missed a whale breaching! It's a tough life - Exmouth Prawns

Posted: 16-Sep-2018 | Category: Australia 2018

Around Exmouth

Into the Cape Range National Park and down to Yardie Creek

Yardie Creek Rare Rock Wallaby, with Joey Grey Egrette Heron A beautiful, empty beach!

Posted: 15-Sep-2018 | Category: Australia 2018


Further up the highway and arrived at Exmouth - decided to do a Sunset Cruise to try and spot whales, with success! Two odd things - a whale either sleeping or breast feeding by hanging vertically in the water, and a calf on its own slapping the water trying to find its mother, which it did in the end...

Eagles in a tree, waiting to get back to a kangaroo carcass The vast distances.. Into termite country Humpback whale and calf Whale hanging vertically in the water... And calf swimming round Calf humpback signalling for its mother More signalling Reunited Calf at sunset Beautiful sky on our return Exmouth harbour Exmouth harbour

Posted: 14-Sep-2018 | Category: Australia 2018

Heading North again

Heading north again - overnight stop at Carnarvon

Wild flowers Outback Roadhouse A Small Road Train Museum at Carnarvon Sunset at Carnarvon Museum