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Year: 2020

Posted: 29-Nov-2020 | Category: Photography

This week's challenge - still life

Once again my week meant I had no time to take any shots, so raided the back catalogue and did some photoshop work...

Multi-glow Vulcan

Posted: 22-Nov-2020 | Category: Photography

Horizon Challenge

This week's challenge - Horizon

Posted: 19-Nov-2020 | Category: Nature

Paxton Pits

Nice day to visit Paxton Pits

Posted: 14-Nov-2020 | Category: Photography

Water Challenge

Set a "Water" themed challenge this week, but no time to get out and take photos, so have raided the archive.....

Posted: 01-Nov-2020 | Category: Nature

Thetford Forest

Nice couple of hours fungi hunting....

Posted: 24-Oct-2020 | Category: Travel

North Norfolk (again)

A couple of nights in North Norfolk, near Weyborne, including a visit to the Muckleburgh Collection.

The lovely Foxhills site Weyborne Fishing Fleet Where did I park it? Just leaving Sheringham

Posted: 03-Oct-2020 | Category: Aviation

Army Air Museum, Middle Wallop

Interesting and enjoyable museum. A photo challenge was set, 4 pictures to sum up the museum and then a couple of "arty" ones. Here's mine.

Posted: 14-Sep-2020 | Category: Travel


The lovely town of Kirkcudbright

Kirkcudbright High Street Oerlooking Kirkcudbright Red Kite Amazing to watch the Queenie Scallops being landed

Posted: 12-Sep-2020 | Category: Travel

Dumfries National Park

The beautiful Dumfries National Park

Posted: 11-Sep-2020 | Category: Travel

New England Bay

The stunning New England Bay