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Posted: 16-Feb-2018 | Category: Photography

More Cambridge Nights

We ran a session for Toft Photo Group doing night shots - longish (30 second) exposures - all the shots were taken in the dark!

Kings College in the dark Lots of headlights I particularly like the reflected red from the car brake lights Notice the blurred reflection - lots of water movement! Ghostly self-portrait!

Posted: 11-Feb-2018 | Category: Photography

Cambridge Light Event

Visited the Light Event in Cambridge tonight - it's on until the 14th!

Posted: 30-Jan-2018 | Category: Travel


Amazing rainbow near Mablethorpe!

Posted: 30-Nov-2017 | Category: Travel

A day out in Norfolk

Extremes of weather

Wells Harbour Sun shining through the clouds at Blakeney Curlew at Wells

Posted: 01-Nov-2017 | Category: Photography

Night Lights

I helped out at a Cambridge Camera Club event tonight - and managed to get a few shots!

Posted: 27-Oct-2017 | Category: Toft Photo Group

Toft Photo Group

We had an evening session on reflections - I didn't get much chance to take any shots, other than this one.....

Posted: 30-Sep-2017 | Category: General

Gransden Show

Visited the Gransden Agricultural Show today - here are a few shots

Farrier at work Young Farmers!

Posted: 30-Jul-2017 | Category: Vehicles

Silverstone Classic

An enjoyable day at the Silverstone Classic

Nice Aston Martin John Player Special - the good old days of Formula 1 A Porsche doing what they do best - spinning off! Formula 1 - sixties style! The rain came down - Class C struggling in the rain Too much power - Sierra Cosworth going sideways! All the way from Oz - 80s BMW special

Posted: 16-Jul-2017 | Category: Aviation

RIAT 2017

A great day at RIAT this year - I've only posted a few shots of some unusual / exceptional things, including a surprise visit by the US B-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber which was on a 23 hour training mission.

BBMF Lancaster - back in flight Swiss Display Team - that's close! The amazing B-2 F-22 F-22 Generations apart - Raptor and Mustang US SU27

Posted: 14-Jul-2017 | Category: Travel

The Cotswolds

Spent a pleasant morning in Malmesbury - a nice unspoilt Cotswold town, and then passed Kemble Airfield - where old aircraft come to die....

Wooden post with a Hmmm.... Kemble - Aircraft breakers - where airliners come to die