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Posted: 08-Jul-2017 | Category: Aviation

RNAS Yeovilton Air Day

An enjoyable day at Yeovilton Air Day this year, staying on the base in the camper!

Some take-off for the Muscle Pitts Special Nostalgia at its best! You are going the wrong way! Apache - Did I do that! Two French Navy Rafaels - one very striking Now they are close - 4 aircraft there.. Mirror Image - Amazing flying from the Swiss

Posted: 17-Jun-2017 | Category: Travel

Suffolk Weekend

Nice weekend in Suffolk - lots of wild flowers in bloom and walked along the "coast" at Offord.

Offord On site with the Camper

Posted: 09-Jun-2017 | Category: Toft Photo Group

Toft Photo Group Evening

An evening spent wandering around Toft - with the themes: Blue, Old, Glass and Close-up

Posted: 06-Jun-2017 | Category: General

Just Jane

Finally got to do my birthday treat of a taxy ride in Just Jane - the Lancaster based in East Kirkby - wonderful!

Posted: 31-May-2017 | Category: Photography

Night Photo Experiments

Experimented with hand held night shots whilst in Japan - using 1600 ISO and above which works well on the new D7200

Sapporo I've no idea! Proud Motorcyclist! The bike had LED lights that cycled through colours Tokyo - Shimbashi Area

Posted: 21-Mar-2017 | Category: Travel

Coast Trip - Cornwall 2017

Some photos from the latest leg of our coast trip....

Posted: 03-Mar-2017 | Category: Travel

Iceland - Nothern Lights

A couple of fabulous evenings watching the Northern Lights - here are a few shots....

Posted: 03-Mar-2017 | Category: Toft Photo Group

Toft Photo Group - Drips and Drops

A fun evening playing with "drips" and "drops"

Gold paint droped on water Acrylic painst dripped into a clear tank of water Drip just hit the surface Catching a drip!

Posted: 21-Jan-2017 | Category: Toft Photo Group

Film Noir Photo Evening

A great night at Toft Photo Group trying Film Noir portraiture.

Posted: 28-Oct-2016 | Category: Toft Photo Group

Toft Photo Group Evening

We took some night shots - this time using shorter exposures (30 seconds). Here is one of the results: